Agora, an hybrid DAO

Following the birth of Bitcoin, the tech world has started to wonder how far decentralization could go and to what extent humans can disintermediate interactions between people thanks to trustless systems.

A new approach to extend decision making powers

Both Company DAOs and Collaborative DAOs are an effective tool to foster a new approach to corporate governance, collaboration between people, teams or business units.

The idea is to redistribute decision making powers from executives and boards to the stakeholders base and run consultations on topics dear to a large number of members of the organization or topics on which is important to collect feedback from a large base.

Even extending the consultation to actors and partners outside of the organization, thus creating consensus among external stakeholders and among different entities on topics and issues of your choice, can now be quick, neat and cheap.

Cheap, large and safe consultations

Running frequent and large consultations on different topics is very expensive for every organization. Our DAO Tool is a very flexible tool for written consultations, through which it is possible to collect authenticated, recorded and tamper-proof feedback from any number of members of an organization and even external actors.

Collective governance powered by the Bitcoin ecosystem

Company and Collaborative DAOs are not designed to replace all corporate governance practices, rather, the aim is to enhance certain business and decisional processes, while addressing specific challenges. Thanks to the transparency and autonomy guaranteed by blockchain technology, DAOs within your organization (and even beyond the perimeter of your organization) can be used to give a stronger sense of agency to your employees or other stakeholders by introducing Collective Governance Dynamics.

Two DAOs in one tool

Collaborative DAO

Our DAO Tool includes a collaborative DAO which leverages all the voting, consensus-forming and collaborative tools of a DAO without an underlying company/incorporated entity. A strong tool which you can integrate as needed within your project or entity.

Company DAO

Our DAO Tool contains a Company DAO generation option which allows you to create a DAO based on the model of an Italian company. Please refer to the DAO Tool documentation, including the terms and conditions of service, to dive deeper into the differences.

Our solution

We developed a hybrid solution which leverages several different technologies such as cryptographic functions, Bitcoin blockchain and sidechains.

Our product will allow your organization to:

create a custom company DAO or a collaborative DAO on the Bitcoin ecosystem

mint tokens to distribute to the stakeholders of your choice

submit proposals or candidates

vote those proposals using the tokens that have been assigned to you by the organization

choose between public and private vote

Legal limitations may apply. Contact us to know more.

  • Cryptographic functions

    We use cryptographic functions to obtain privacy

  • Bitcoin

    the Bitcoin blockchain as a notarization tool

  • Rootstock Sidechain

    Rootstock blockchain to issue tokens used to vote

This is how your DAO will look like

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